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Melvin the Doge and Choupette

nicely adapting to each other, and to the rigors of ritual simulated battle

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Cats wandering about the property and the southern shore of Lake Superior,
summer 2020

This is a small collection of poignant photos of fairly cute cats, extracted from other webpages on this site.

Choupette wanders down to the far end of Mussent Point, scoping out the possibilities for adventure. (We're sneaking along behind to make sure she learns not to go off the property.)

In past years, Melvin has been fairly good about not crossing the cattleguard -- toward the neighbors' properties, toward the highway! We hope that Mr Mel will pass that wisdom on.

Two cats investigating the dock -- neither of them is a great friend of water, which here is all round them.

-- What's that thing for?

Melvin expressing an interest in our nearest neighbors

-- Come here, Choup, have a look at this [in cat-talk].

On this and probably many lakes, there are flags, and then, there are flags.

Having exhausted the possibilities on the dock, the cats seek new pastures . . .

. . . like back on the canoes.

And a nearby windowbox

Heroically posed to survey the future . . .

. . . like these guys in Montevideo (May 2015)

A evident lack of confidence

The White Cat approaches, innocently enough, from the direction of the Forbidden Cattleguard.

No warm greetings here

Now's your chance! Get 'im.

Choupette has moved on to trying to cadge another breakfast from Kristin's sister Liz.
(As every day, we later learned.)

But not successfully today

Choupette in ambush mode

The moment has come -- decision time! What will Choupette do? (She sprinted across the cattleguard and got 60 meters up the driveway before a dragonfly resting by the roadside distracted her and we nabbed the fuzzy little malefactor.)

Good taste in dock flags

An unwelcome sight greets us upon rising on 5 August 2020. The enemy is among us.

Melvin grabs another short nap whenever he trots over a soft rug.

The enemy is vigilant, determined, indefatigable, and vicious.

A trip to Lake Superior

It's late August 2020 -- the cats (and we) are visiting the 'South Shore' cottages on Lake Superior.

There is one drawback to the Lake Superior property -- it's built on bedrock and has no piped water or sanitation. The cats are investigating, but they're fine, we've brought their catlitter boxes with us.

The interior, with a vat of lakewater for washing dishes with. Drinking water comes from the supermarket.

Choupette's hobby is scaring the daylights out of me, but I should have learnt by now to trust the little gymnast.

She had no trouble getting back down either.

But a hard plastic slope turns out to be as good as a skijump for her.

A fine day, 27 August, we're hanging out on the beach with some light reading for those of us who can read.

And some restful contemplation for those who can't.

Loose sand was an unnerving experience for Choupette, but she quickly overcame it.

Enough of the sand, back to . . .

. . . the restful contemplation.

And sometimes some shade . . .

. . . except for those who prefer the sun (with suitable protections), and off and on, bouncing about in the surf, such as it is.

Scarcely to be believed -- Melvin just took a run at that sand bank and scrambled over the top. The last meter or so of that is basically an overhang.

Choupette is filled with admiration. And envy.

Next year she'll want to try that for herself.

The next day -- surf's up.

The rain's stopped and we can let the other participants out into La Nature again.

They're just getting their bearings now, and . . .

. . . working on a plan.

Vigilance, and patience

At the moment, the cats have been trying to hide from us, but Choup has just noticed me sneaking up on them.

Kristin is still searching for them, and I haven't given them away yet.

Another standoff

The peacemaker

Just now, both cats are squirming about underneath the car -- Choupette is pursuing Melvin and they're both getting filthy.

Like this. And Choupie will not give up . . .

. . . until Melvin bolts out into the forest.

So, for Choupette, tearing little insects apart will have to suffice.

It's time to tidy up and go home now, which sometimes sends the cats scrambling into hiding.

But so far Melvin hasn't caught on yet.

They're beginning to notice something's up.

Choupette bolts for the foliage.

But they're both easier to catch than they used to be, when they were younger and more monomanical.

'Til next year.

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