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Melvin the Doge and Choupette

A small collection of poignant photos of fairly cute cats, extracted from other webpages on this site.

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Two charming cats occupying themselves diligently, whilst still sleeping a lot

A lake in the Wisconsin Northwoods, July 2022

This little cat team -- Melvin the Doge (the Selkirk from France, b. 10/2016) and Choupette (the Burmese from Roanoke, b. 11/2018) -- are summering at the lake in the Wisconsin Northwoods, availing themselves of the fresh air and investigative opportunities after (and before) eight months' incarceration in their condo in Virginia.

We take so many candid photos of our Semi-Dynamic Duo that from time to time we need to aggregate a bunch of them and offload them onto their own personalized webpage. This lot comes from the month of July 2022.

We've just been off for a touristy visit to Duluth and nearby attractions, and Melvin hasn't forgiven us for having left the cats behind.

Choupette about to catch Melvin in an unguarded moment

They are not incapable of amusing themselves and exploring the terrain on their own, but just as often, over the past few years, they seem to operate as a team. Here they're looking for insects in the foliage to torment.

As much as they both relish their sleep-time indoors, outdoors usually does just as well.

Or if not sleeping, just nodding off from time to time while watching the foliage carefully for incautious insects.

Both the little darlin's love scratching their backs on the driveway pavement . . .

. . . . which doesn't look like a good idea, but it suits them.

The insect hunt is pretty much continuous for Melvin.
(Unfortunately, Choupette, a few years back, graduated to hunting voles, moles, shrews, and tiny mice -- the good news is, seldom successfully.)

When running round outdoors becomes tiring, but watching Nature in its Wonders is still required, this is the preferred window for dozing in.

We're stopping by on the hydrobike to distract Choupette from her sunbathing on the dock. Neither cat will get onto the bike (unless it's dragged up onto the shore), but they're both interested, sometimes.

Also, both cats can roll up and fall asleep anywhere.

Choupette flaunts her disapproving scowl, but can also be a little bit more congenial at odd intervals.

She's always been fascinated by this ancient disused grill, but can't explain why (since she's a cat).

Something just moved in the grass and the patrol swings into pursuit.

Melvin was crossing the lawn when Morpheus waved his wand, and an instant nap ensued.

Huddling together in the last patch of sunlight through the kitchen window.

They won't give it up until it disappears.

Choupette is always alert . . .

. . . and almost always scowling.

Whereas Melvin never scowls -- he just maintains a dignified look of intense indifference.

Backscratching on the dock is good, too.

Despite the risk of getting stepped on whilst writhing, or . . .

. . . just falling asleep.

The strange yellow pontoon is back.

Something just moved in the water!

It's getting away!

Melvin was exploring in the boathouse, and is now in a pickle.

Another horrific downpour, and Melvin's stuck with us on the old Grumman 'Fun Ship'.

He's no friend of water that's not presented to him in a small bowl.

He's losing patience and wants to know how long this is going to go on.
But there's no way to tell.

In that case, we're told to wake him when the rain stops.

A cat patrol marching out to cover the driveway border

Watchful, determined. Possibly concerned that the white cat might slip past

No sign of any issues yet, but you never know.

Time for a little nap then. To be awakened if any problems occur.

Or just some driveway backscratching

-- Nothing's happening, let's bag it.

-- So what should we do instead, then?

-- How about we go look for some insects and tiny mice?

We're out reading on the lawn, and Choupette makes a high-speed appearance.

We call it reading on the lawn, but it's almost impossible to read like this.

The cats are fascinated by the old boathouse, but once in, it's nearly impossible to get them out again. There are so many physical memories of past hilarities of the young people of the clan over the past 80 years -- cats can hide upstairs among them forever.

So they're going to have to wait till we've got some more free time to spend with them.

The disabled hydrobike will have to do in the meantime.

The ancient grill is one of Choupette's 'Bastet' posing spots, the Egyptian feline goddess -- it's her special sentinel pose.

But today, that's not enough.

It's time to find out what's inside this thing.

It's not that easy, though.

That's it -- she won't be got out of there until she's good and ready.

But apparently that's it, there is no more.

The mission once accomplished, there is nothing for it but to get out of it gracefully if possible.

And go take another nap with Melvin

Carol's visit is over and she'll be leaving soon. Choupette doesn't want to miss saying goodbye.

And we're all going up to Lake Superior tomorrow -- Choupette doesn't want to miss that either.

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Fun with Melvin and Choupette