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Summer 2004

Alison's visit to the Old Dad, May 2004

Alison B. Peck takes time off from her busy intergalactic schedule to visit the Old Dad in Switzerland

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Whenever Alison's astrophysical travels bring her back to Europe, she seems to be able to build a quick visit into the itinerary. May 2004.

Mont Tendre

Lisa, our guide for the day, strides out purposefully, again. 23 May 2004.

Alison and Lisa approaching Mont Tendre from an unorthodox direction -- from out of the limestone forests called Les Rochettes

Alison and her proud Papa on the way to Mont Tendre

Onto the vestigial snow

Alison and Lisa on the approaches up the Rochettes on the front of Mont Tendre

Novel mountaineering wear for 2004

Dr Peck and Dr Peck looking for Mont Tendre

Dr Peck and Dr Durham looking for Mont Tendre

Almost there

Drs Peck and Durham successfully locate Mont Tendre (1679m)

Pecks on Mont Tendre in 2004

See you here next year. Soon it's back to Hawaii, to the top of the highest mountain in the world, measured from its base (below sea-level) to its summit.

Dent de Vaulion

But first, let's walk up to the Dent de Vaulion overlooking the Lac de Joux. Let's see, where does the path go?

Oh, here's the trail sign, in this tree. 24 May 2004.

Onto the summit (1482m) . . .

. . . with a 360 degree table-map showing the surrounding attractions, like Alps, lakes, etc.

The Old Dad photographing Alison at the summit table-map

The restaurant (1410m) along the hiking trail

The Lac de Joux (left) and little Lac Brenet, a beautiful hidden part of Switzerland unfortunately left behind by the world's shift to electronic watches, but coping increasingly well. From the Dent de Vaulion. May 2004.

Photo credit: Alison

La Dôle

Alison and the technical lift on top of La Dôle (1677m), Les Barillettes and Lake Geneva behind

The Chalet de la Dôle (1439m), 25 May 2004

Alison, on top of La Dôle, photographing the Lake of Geneva, 25 May 2004

The ski club cabin at the Col de Porte (1558m)

The Chalet de la Dôle and Lake Geneva (Lac Léman)

La Dôle from the Col de Porte

Alison and Sony in the Jura mountains of Switzerland, May 2004.

Summer 2004

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