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The Baby Pictures

Alison is Mr Peck's oldest daughter and is presently the Deputy Project Scientist at the European Southern Observatory's ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre Array) telescope complex in Chile. Here she is visiting the old dad in 2004.

But not so long ago . . .

Here's Alison with her dad, and with her mom, in Lawrence, Kansas, USA, at the age of zero, give or take a few months.

Alison with mom and dad at the married student apartments at the University of Kansas

Alison in northern New Jersey at the age of one, with her grandpa Peck (left) and mom Liz (right)

Alison at 1.75 years in Hillsdale, New Jersey, with mom (left) and BOTH grandpas (right)

Alison in New Jersey, 1.75 years (left) and, with her grandma Alice, 2.5 years old and wet from the pool

Alison (right) in Athens, Ohio, at three and a half years (with her new sister Deirdre)

Athens, Ohio

In Shawnee, Oklahoma, at the age of 7. The shirt is from Oklahoma Baptist University, oddly enough.

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Alison Beth Peck