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A round-up of new farm pix, 18 and 19 February 2006

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Pré de Bière, La Perrause, Grandes Chaumilles, and more and more new snow.

It's been raining in the villages all week, but not up on the Jura ridges. On a stormy weekend, we seem to have the whole place to ourselves.

The farm at Pré de Bière, 18 February 2006, not far from the Marchairuz road, in a bucketload of new snow, about knee-deep with snowshoes on.

On a blustery day, the narrator plodded and swam past the Pré de Bière farm towards La Perrause, frequently wishing he hadn't.

Pré de Bière farm with the wind at full throttle

La Perrause, another kilometre or two farther on, and over an hour's toil and trouble knee-deep in white smoosh.

Narrator knee-deep in white smoosh.

La Perrause in a strong wind, 18 February 2006, with Grand Cunay up in the background

Circling round La Perrause and then bolting back for the car.

Needless to say, one is following his own track out of here, as nearly as one can still discern it.

What a relief, back to our beloved Volkswagen, named "Günther", as night closes in on the Col du Marchairuz.

Unfinished business: we're back the next day in temporarily better weather, 19 February 2006.

The farm at Pré de Bière is somewhat more inviting with the sun on it.

There are some other hikers having a little bite of lunch under the eaves there, so we'll pass on by and won't disturb them. Perhaps, as we're only about 200m from the highway at this point, they're not so much "hikers lunching" as they are "lunchers".

But we're bound still for La Perrause, following the track one has so laboriously created yesterday, and . . . perhaps . . . beyond. (The Col du Marchairuz is just above the chimney in this view of the Pré de Bière farm.)

Here's La Perrause again, much easier this time following yesterday's track, and . . .

. . . this time we've got help, the Doctors Durham, practicing their song and dance routines along the way.

The narrator and Dr Durham at La Perrause, unfortunately having come to the end of yesterday's pre-packed snowshoe trail, condemned now to break new heavy wet smoosh towards Grandes Chaumilles.

The solar panels at La Perrause.

Durhams in deep snow, sometimes with snowshoes on, sometimes with them off.

Durhams still in deep snow, frequently with snowshoes that have somehow got unattached.

Doctors Durham Dancing.

A regretful glance back at La Perrause through serious smoosh.

The same, with zoom on

A pause in the hike to recover a fallen Durham

Up we get

Doctor Durham approaches the farm at Grandes Chaumilles, 19 November.

Here they come

Gourmet little cheese packets at Grandes Chaumilles and a special kind of bread.

From Grandes Chaumilles zoom-looking southwest, first La Perrause and, in the far distance, La Dôle about 20km off.

Prof Durham briefly enters another cognitive universe, then comes back to ours.

Durhams welcome the onset of a new snowstorm to put a splendid finish on the day.

Former ACS professors hold reunions in unlikely places.

"Storm" now become "blizzard", it's still hard to get some hikers to give it up and get back to "Wolfgang" the Volkswagen in time to get over the pass at Marchairuz before we can't until next week.

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