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Winter 2002-2003

Very eventful, but in a quiet way

As round the world some of them were trying in vain to convince the rest of us that it would be a fun idea to go bomb a lot of the folks down in Iraq, D. Peck and friends spent the fall and winter hiding out in the safest place they could think of.

What a very nice winter it's been, though way too short. (Have you noticed that they're getting shorter every year? Is that climate change? Age?)

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

One of our most scenic farm chalets, La Dunanche, 9 March 2003

We've been living in the Swiss village of Bassins for only about six years now, but already the farmhouse at La Dunanche, a broad pasture about three crow-fly kilometres above village and about 400m higher, has become a favorite.

It's a fine day out, 9 March 2003 -- the Route des Montagnes is still closed at the top of the village, at 880m, so we've done a leisurely direttissima up the woods, over the Jubillet ridge, and up through the cliffs to Dunanche.

[Viewing this photo some years later, one observes that the snowshoes are still strapped onto the backpack, so it must have been that kind of day.]

There are stunning views here in all directions.

It's time to start down now. By an easier route, preferably.

We're bound for a little forestry path at the foot of this spacious knob of pastures, the easy way down to the Bassins road.

Late afternoon glories

Into the forest

The view from the forest, Swiss Valaisan Alps in this direction, and Lake Geneva. That little village across the way is Burtigny.

Mont Blanc in the French/Italian Alps, and Yvoire, the medieval now-touristy village on the far side of the lake.

And the spikey thing left of centre is the Dents du Midi, at 3257m altitude one of the most impressive of the Préalps chain, beyond which the 4000m Valaisan and Bernese Alps reign.

Coming into sight of Bassins village

The farm of Le Bugnonet on the flat at 990m above Bassins

Almost home -- the car at the top of the village is only 20 minutes more.

Pointe de Fin de Château, 16 March 2003

Dr Pirri blasts off up into the trackless forests above St Cergue, headed for the saddle between Poële Chaud and the Pointe de Fin de Château.

Obstacles along the way

At the saddle, Dr Pirri breathes deeply and gazes out towards the Swisscom radio-TV towers on the next hill.

And after mere seconds to catch his breath, Dr Pirri sprints up towards the top of the Pointe de Fin de Château.


A chilly and very windy 16 March 2003, Dr Pirri on the Pointe de Fin de Château

The narrator being buffeted all about by the wind on Pointe de Fin de Château, 16 March 2003, with La Dôle visible behind.

The view towards La Dôle


Winter 2002-3

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