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Ten days in the Veneto (without Venice)

February - March 2017

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Carnevale in Treviso

28 February 2017: Our Volvo GPS has pegged it uncharacteristically well this time; our B+B is just inside the Porta San Tomaso, but we're not getting through that gate today. Everyone's parking (like us) 500 meters out in the suburbs and parading the families, in their cute costumes, into the city on foot. Like us, except for the costumes.

Dragging a week's baggage, we've got over the Botteniga northside moat and through the gate to the Piazzale Burchiellati, where we are briefly perplexed. What kind of city is this, anyway?

It's a city in carnival, and a great lot of confetti-ridden fun has recently been had in the Piazzale Burchiellati. A parade has begun here and turned down into the city centre, leaving behind crowds dispersing reluctantly. If the GPS is uncharacteristically correct, that is our B+B on the left.

It's not too late to buy some more confetti and noisemakers.

Not to mention balloons. We're just inside the city walls that surround the old part of the city.

The kids never want to give it up and go home.

Kristin bypasses the sweets concession and bolts for our B+B, the Locanda San Tomaso, just next to the San Tomaso gate and in the same building as the Trattoria San Tomaso (same family).

The Locanda San Tomaso is brilliant -- charming hosts, excellent breakfast room on the top floor, reasonable prices, and thoughtful service (they moved us to a better room when one became free after two days).

Tired moms dragging the little ones home

-- It would be such a shame to waste all this free confetti.

Limited circulation today (we'll retrieve the car tomorrow)

We thought it was all over, but on the Borgo Giovanni Mazzini, due south from our B+B, the parade that had set out from the Piazzale Burchiellati is coming round full circle. The float of the Vegetable Garden is leading the way . . .

. . . under the watchful direction of the traffic police.

The Group of Friends of the White Wagon are requiring a firm response from the traffic police.

The Treviso flamenco society, apparently

The Happy Surgeons, doctors and nurses with red wigs on

The latin music lovers from the Santa Lucia neighborhood of nearby Castagnole

Slow business for the busker, when nearly everyone else is in costume as well

Wending westward now on the Via San Leonardo: a bunch of colorful parrots, evidently, representing Maserada sul Piave, a commune 11km to the northeast

There they go, Float Number 4.

On Via San Leonardo, passing over the Canale Cagnan (or Canale della Pescheria)

Costumed as Roadrunner. Really.

Here come the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote (here called "Willy Coyote'), Wagon No. 5 in the Carnevale Trevigiano, 15 more still to come, this one from Musestre, 13km farther down the Sile river from Treviso.

Wile E. Coyote says "Beep Beep".

Bees, all ages and both genders, doing the bee dance in the Piazza San Leonardo

Little kids get a free pass. It's Il mondo delle API, from Roncade, 11km to the southeast.

Bees and Coyotes on the Via San Leonardo

The costumes don't convey much, but their faces are made up as corpses, or vampires.

Here's why. The float is entitled Il Risveglio, the Awakening or the Revival.

Representing Lovadina, 11km to the north of Treviso

"We stopped looking for monsters under the bed when we realized they were inside of us."

That devious gentleman pretending to be Sylvester the Cat is preparing to shower us with confetti.

Warner Brothers delegates in front of the Chiesa di San Leonardo. They've come all the way from Falzé, 14km north of Treviso.

Kristin taking refuge from confetti bandits. In front of a column recovered from the Roman era.

Alvin and the Chipmunks, with their acolytes. The "Alvin Super Star" float is from Trevignano, 16km northwest of Treviso.

We're fighting our way upstream along the Martiri della Libertà street, towards the . . .

. . . Loggia dei Cavalieri.

The Friends of Merlengo have arrived (Merlengo is a village about 6km to the north).

To each his own. They're celebrating their 15th year of the carnevale.

The creeps in the 18th century garb were dashing out from time to time to throw confetti from close quarters, whenever pretty young women were parading by.

The "Cavalcade Trans-Medieval" [?]

The 'Barbary Pirates' from Porcellengo (9km northwest of Treviso)

No comment

Medieval knights and ladies, doing the Monty Python galloping dance

After the Loggia dei Cavalieri, we're turning north onto the Via Indipendenza, to meet this . . .

A festive occasion

The elegant Masked iPadder

The Loggia dei Cavalieri from the other side, as the demonic dragon float rounds the corner onto the Via Martiri della Libertà

Harem women apparently

And Sinbad, or somebody.

Proudly representing Cusignana, a tiny village 13km north of Treviso

A mobile operating theatre, ready for anything

In the central Piazza dei Signori, an apparently pro-gambling float ("Us in the hall")

The judges' stand in the Piazza dei Signori

Judging the awards for such fine efforts can be very difficult, but less so when you have a trophy for everybody.

Eager crowds pouring in down the Via Calmaggiore from the north (the Duomo is in the distance)

The Prefettura in the central Piazza dei Signori

It's hard to let all that beautiful confetti (coriandoli) go to waste.

A reassuring police presence

Nearly to the end

Twenty floats have taken part this year, and a fairly indelicate wagon brings up the rear, followed by . . .

. . . the Carabinieri escort,

Kristin in the Piazza dei Signori

-- Just one more ride, puhleeese?

Northward towards the Duomo

Everybody's starting for home.

The Confetti Patrol has already swung into action.

And our B+B is already nearly confetti-free.

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