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Long weekends in Italy: Gran Paradiso


A nice long weekend in the Gran Paradiso National Park, July 2003

Lago di S. Grato

A worthy lunch spot in the Valgrisenche. Just instruct your porters and personal aides to start up from the SW end (1920m) of the Lago di Beauregard (that's the real name, tho' it sounds like one of Bret Maverick's cousins) and schlep the chilled chicken jellies and paté and basket of choice breads and selection of wines steeply up via the . . .

Grand Alpage La Bemaz (2000m)

Kristin points out the purple loosestrife for the folks back home in Wisconsin

The hut at Alpage Revera-basse (2153m), just before things really start to get beautiful.

Crossing the cute little bridge, on the way to the pleasant lunch spot at S. Grato, somewhere above

Here's the Lago di S. Grato (2466m), preparing to be lunched at.

Seeking a nice lunch spot out of the wind but still in full view of the grand peaks, etc.

Nice spot, good choice.

Views around the lake of San Grato

Time to go back now and see if we can still get in on some of the Genzianella's ample dinners.

The downward route from Grato's lakey fastness

The narrator, bound pell-mell for cheese specialities

Saying goodbye: Hiking companion and creek

Long weekends in Italy: Gran Paradiso


Fénis Castle


Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele II (2732m)

Grand Collet (2832m)

Lago di S. Grato (2466m)

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