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Long weekends in Italy: Gran Paradiso


A nice long weekend in the Gran Paradiso National Park, July 2003.

The Grand Collet pass

Nicely settled into the Genzianella hotel, after a nice dinner following a vigorous trot along to the Vittorio Emanuele II hut, hikers assemble the next day (12 July 2003) and set off from Pont trailhead (1960m) up the right side of the valley this time, bound for the pass at Grand Collet.

Hikers taking a break

Mr Chamois also taking a break

But now it's time for lunch!

Huts at Alpage de Seyvaz (2358m) and time for lunch.

The last rocky little plateau before the col, or pass, of Grand Collet (2832m).

There's the col, a big sandy, gravely thing, not real easy to navigate, but worth it once one's on top. But what then? A lot more fun going up than going down, not unlike Hollywood stardom.

The view from the col Grand Collet, extraordinarily uplifting and inspiriting and welcome in these fallen times

The view over the far side of the col (looking west), with a long French/Italian name that we won't try to reproduce here.

The rocky cairn at the col and the view behind. Very nice, but it's time to start thinking about another Genzianella dinner, with cheese, and ice-cold beer. Let's clear out and say another fond goodbye to the heights.

Hikers bolting back down towards Pont for the evening's Genzianella specialties with cheese on top, included in the room price, wine and beer extra.

Unable to hold out for dinner, hikers review the possibilities for another lunch at the huts of Seyvaz on the way home.

Long weekends in Italy: Gran Paradiso


Fénis Castle


Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele II (2732m)

Grand Collet (2832m)

Lago di S. Grato (2466m)

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