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Uganda in November 2005

Views of the suburbs

The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands held its Conference of the Parties in Munyonyo, about five miles outside of Kampala, Uganda, on Lake Victoria. When not pushing down computer keys in aid of wetland conservation and gazing out upon Lake Victoria in the evenings, we got out to have a quick look around at the bristling economy of the suburbs along the trunk roads.

A view of uptown Kampala as we dash through the southern suburbs (out near the US embassy behind us, but we dared not try to take a photo in that direction for fear of hysterical gunfire from "security consultants" in RayBans).

That's a boda-boda, the ubiquitous East African bicycle or motorbike taxi, which got its name from the vehicles that used to pass back and forth from the Kenyan border (i.e., "boda"). (They say that more than 200,000 men in Uganda are working as bicycle boda-boda and nearly 90,000 on motorbikes.)

Where motorized boda-bodas won't fit, bicycles will have to do.

Typical street scene. Lots of people chatting idly, lots of people sitting around waiting days on end for customers or just staring at the traffic, but actually it's all BUSY. People are doing business everywhere.

Of course, Uganda is special, by all accounts -- typical of subsaharan Africa in many ways, but much more advanced in its own bootstrappy way at the same time. Policies of President Museveni and the extensive educated elite and middle class have made Uganda a model in nearly every sphere of activity. Except paved roads. {This was written before the US Christians convinced them to legislate a death penalty for homosexuality. The President's wife is said to be a similarly unbalanced Christian.}

Some Ugandan pedestrians seem to have numbers on (perhaps for later identification).

Join our world (i.e., buy a cellphone)


Safi .....Delicious!

"New Geisha lasts longer / much longer". Old Geisha gave up way too soon.

Pool Joint

Experience the luxury!

Colorama (authorized dealer). And Top Up Here (for cellphones).

"Removes even hidden stains" (how would you know?) (Photo by Sandra)

Christmas mu November!!!

Creamier, delicious, everyday!

Grand opening of the B.S. Pub

Salon Green Haven. Uh oh!!!

-- I'd like a nice chicken please.

-- God is able. But . . . able to do what?

Fresh dairy eggs and bongo

A furniture store

Color your life.

Didi's Amusement Park . . . this way! A very Amusing Park!

Uganda 2005

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Kampala, Uganda, in 2005