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The Château de Nyon, Switzerland

Imposing, pretty symmetrical, picturesque,
presumably functional, and very white

Views of the Château

Some good-Swiss busybody decided that, after nearly uncountable centuries, the Château de Nyon was getting a little tatty, so the citizens voted to raise the tax rates and got the renovations under way, and here in August 2002 the outsides are almost finished.

We Americans would have got more directly to the root of the problem, I suspect, and disposed of the thing with a wreckerball, and let out bids for a mega-mall and 2 food courts on the site. And a gun shop. Quick as bob's your uncle, we'd be back in the profit column.

January 2003, midwinter, soon after the completion of the outer renovation. A grim, dark day, but the castle is still newly very white nonetheless.

The Château de Nyon in its noontide splendor, April 2003.

From the lake side, near the top of the stairs up from the Rive, June 2004

The château down an alley from the upper town, with Lake Geneva behind, 2007.

And the Château again, in its whitewashed splendor.

The Château de Nyon, seen from the Roman Museum, 2003

Castle and pedalos, June 2004.

The castle square. In summery weather, the restaurant on the right overflows out across the place.

A view upwards in Ammy's alley to the castle, now nicely renovated, September 2003.

From near my dentist's office, August 2004 (Roman amphitheatre, lower left).

The Roman columns, April 2003, out over the lake

A wintry scene, January 2006

More photos of Nyon

May 2006

The Château de Nyon from the top deck of the General-Guisan, on our way to Yvoire, May 2010

With La Dôle hovering on the horizon

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