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Le Merdasson

above Montreux, Switzerland

Le Merdasson is a little knob at 1858m just next to the Dent de Jaman, overlooking the Montreux -- Rochers de Naye train line. It pokes up on the little ridge between the Dent de Jaman and the Rochers de Naye, between the Lake Geneva view and the Montagne d'Amont leading out to the north.

This is Ms Wilson, 14 November 1981, still marching straight uphill towards Le Merdasson just a few hours out from home in Les Avants

Ms Wilson in light snow on top of Le Merdasson, November 1981, in a new FILA jacket.

Dr Peck taking a brief pause on top of Merdasson, in his own new FILA jacket, before starting down to Les Avants as the snow comes in again.

Leaving Merdasson, 1981

Dr Peck and his excellent new FILA jacket, which served him very well at fancy-dress balls and for sleeping in snowcaves in when necessary for the next 15 years or so.

Le Merdasson, in the foreground just right of centre, between Jaman (left) and the Rochers de Naye (top right)

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