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Receiving a very large, shiny, cheap, and useless trophy, topped by a unisex gilded tin athlete holding a gilded tin wreath aloft in Reaganesque triumph, on a racially balanced team that had recently broken the world record for the Sprint Medley relay event in Austin, Texas, USA, in 1967. The young gentlemen, none of whom seem very pleased to have broken a world record (possibly preoccupied with other problems of their own), are, left to right, Gary Ard and Ben Olison (Bakersfield, California), coach Bob Timmons, Silly Mr Peck (Pascack Valley, New Jersey), and Jim Ryun (Wichita East, Kansas).

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Later that season, Mr Peck and Mr Ryun, joined by Tom Yergovich and Curtis Grindal, broke the world record in the distance medley relay at the Drake Relays in Des Moines, Iowa, in 9:33.8 [Mr Peck's split was 45.6 for 400y [i.e. 45.3 for 400m]], and that was found by many to be a semi-exhilirating, but not remunerative, experience.

Here some other related photos from the yellowing press.

In the 1960s, we ran for GLORY . . .

. . . and mostly ate Kraft macaroni-and-cheese and put off the kids' dental check-ups to next year, and put off our own forever. But we got to know many very fine people in the sporty pursuits, for which one will always be grateful -- though we are in contact with too few of them now, of course.

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