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Alison B. Peck

Alison is Mr Peck's oldest daughter and has her own Web page at the ALMA telescope, http://www.alma.cl/~apeck/. Here are some early memorabilia and links to recent visits to the Old Dad.

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With her sister Deirdre, very early on. (More photos from the early years.)

Alison Beth Peck a while ago

Alison Beth Peck bis

Here are two good ones. The one above left was taken a few years ago by Joel Weinsheimer, now at the University of Minnesota; the second is more recent, MSc graduation day at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico.

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Alison Beth Peck in Athens, Ohio (left). Above, center: Atop the Cathedral of Lausanne, with her sister Deirdre and her mom.

Alison & Dad at Gruyeres

With her fond papa, at the Castle of Gruy?res, 1979 (and 2003).

Lucerne, 1979

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Stunning, late 1980s.

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Visiting mountains with the elderly dad, 1994.

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With half-sister Marlowe in Wisconsin, August 1996

Marlowe, Alison, and Dad visiting Kristin in Wisconsin, summer 1996

Preparing to photograph early spring flowers in Switzerland, April 2001

Alison and colleague Satoki sneaking out from an astrophysical gabfest in Zermatt, Switzerland, to view the Matterhorn from up a little closer.

Alison photographing flowers whilst visiting the Old Dad in Switzerland, September 2003

Alison photographing caves in Switzerland, October 2003.

Alison and her old dad on Mont Tendre in inclement weather, October 2003.

Together at Gruyères in 2003 (and in 1978)

Switzerland, October 2003

Peeking out of the radio telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, where once she worked but in 2003 was attending a conference.

Alison at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, 2003.

Alison and friend in front of one of the five (and soon to be six) radio telescopes at the Harvard-Smithsonian Sub-Millimeter Array way up above Hawaii, at about 4,200m, in fact, or 14,000 feet above sea level.

The Sub-Millimeter Array radio telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Astronomers observe overnight, but the base station is at sea-level near Hilo and the dormitory is at 9,000 feet (2745m).

The SMA at sundown, 2003.

Whilst visiting in Switzerland in October 2003, Alison left behind with her Dad a copy of her recent paper from Astrophysical Journal entitled "The Flaring H20 Megamaser and Compact Radio Source in Markarian 348". Fewer than 18% of the words in this article could be used in cocktail conversation, outside of a radio astronomy conference reception. A substantial proportion of the characters are superscript or subscript, say no more.

Alison and Paul in Hawaii, 2003.

Mauna Kea is the home of about 12 different telescope projects, in optical, infrared, and radio wave-lengths and any others I may have forgotten. As I understood it, the Subaru is on the left, the two Keck optical observatories are in the middle, and I forget about the one on the right.

Moon-mobiles with Kecks behind, a semi-lunar landscape (except for the snow) at 2.65 miles in the sky.

Dad and Alison on Mont Tendre, Switzerland, May 2004. The rest of that visit.

In Norwich, Vermont, for Marlowe's wedding, July 2006

Alison and Dad on Mt Cube, New Hampshire, 2006

Alison's visit, mid-September 2007

Scrambles up Monts Pelé, Sâla, and Tendre in the Jura mountains
The Château de Joux in France

Late April 2008

Alison and Mark at the Château de Chillon, April 2009

Alison joining us at the Lac de Tanay, October 2009

Joining us in Wisconsin in August 2010

Hikes in Switzerland, January 2012

Hiking in Virginia, summer 2013

Joining us again in Wisconsin, summer 2014

Alison and Mark in northern Wisconsin, August 2015

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Alison Beth Peck