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Deirdre Joy Peck

25 September 1967 -- 26 November 1994

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With her older sister Alison, very early on.

In Athens, Ohio, at the age of two, with her older sister

Deirdre Joy Peck

Wow. Beautiful or what? This one was Mr Peck's second one [but, not to take ALL the credit, also Elizabeth Greed Peck's kid as well].

Deirdre Joy Peck

Wild Woman! At the Regents Park Zoo in 1978 -- almost got mistaken for an escapee.

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Years intervene here, but the expression is the same.


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The long bus ride to Paris.

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Deirdre (left) with Larry van Benthuysen and her sister Alison in Connecticut, USA, ca. 1980

Kingston, Rhode Island, 1981

In July 1982 Deirdre, then 14 years old, tried to cross Switzerland over the Alps, and here's a brief photo essay on that brave attempt.

In pacem requiescat. Rest in peace.

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